Summer is my favourite time of year because of its smoothie season! Below is how to make my Fav smoothie!


1 x Banana

1 Cup fo Blueberries

1 .5  Cups of Coconut milk

1 Teaspoon of Glutamine

1 x Egg (plenty of protein and makes the consistency of the smoothie better, don’t worry you cant taste it!)


Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend for 1 min.




Green Street Juice cleanse!


Hey Guys!

So I did a @greenstreetjuice cleanse yesterday! I have been wanting to do one for a while but to be honest I have not been a big fan of ‘juice cleanses’ because I feel they are promoted as a quick fix to lose weight rather than their health benefits. But here I am giving it a go!

I am doing the cleanse for a few reasons:

  1. To flush out my digestive system
  2. Provide my body with easy to digest nutrients to help the body repair itself
  3. To see if I could survive mentally for the day
  4. And of course, so I could blog about it ?



The cost of these juices is quite high ($77 for 1 day). I chose @greenstreetjuice because I wanted to do a fresh juice cleanse & I had heard good things about them.

What’s involved:

You can do the cleanse for 1-3 days, I chose one because I wanted to trial it first (and to keep the cost down!). I went in store to speak with @greenstreetjuice about what cleanse was best for me and they were very helpful so I walked out with a box that contained 8 juices.

The directions I was given were:

  • I had 8 juices to consume every 2 hours throughout the day
  • I was advised to drink between 300-500ml of water between each juice
  • You can eat some solids throughout the day but this is limited to salads, veggies and fruit

My experience:

The first thing that I will say is that I did not feel like I was starving, which I was happy about! The juices were easy to drink but were not “nice” but let’s face it through I am doing a ‘juice cleanse’ so I did not set my expectations too high.

Throughout the day I was thinking about food but that is the be expected. In addition to the juices I had some raw veggies at lunch and a salad at night for dinner.



I decided not to exercise while doing the cleanse for a few reasons; the main one being that the juices do not have enough calories to support exercise. If you do exercise while on the cleanse you will most likely crave high calorie foods and potentially consume foods that are forbidden while doing the cleanse. So, it is best to pick a rest day to do your cleanse.



While on the cleanse day I did not notice any difference physically or mentally but today I feel a lot more energetic and alert. I did not weigh myself for this cleanse because my aim was more about my health than my weight. That being said I felt more lean when I woke up today which is an added bonus!

I would recommend the cleanse if you are looking for something that can kick start a healthy change or are looking to flush out your digestive system. I would not recommend if you are looking to just lose weight because juice cleanses are not designed to sustain a lifestyle.

Tab xx


Without even knowing it you could be adding 2,000 calories to your daily intake. Now I know you’re asking how anyone could add the equivalent of a cheeseburgers worth of calories to their standard food.  Well here is a list of things that you probably add to your meals on a daily basis without realising the effects of these foods on your daily calorie intake.

7 Simple life hacks to get you healthier


I have said this a lot but there is no simple quick fix to get you happier and healthier but there are certainly short cuts. These tips will help you along your way to changing your life style:


  1. It is easier to accomplish things when working in groups – There are many benefits to not going it alone! Are any of your friends trying to make healthy changes? Or Partner? Look for a “buddy”- someone you can talk to and can relate to your challenges, who you can arrange to workout with and someone that can keep you accountable.
  2. Work out what your motivators are.. – Do you get sick a lot? You want to meet a guy? Or do you just don’t feel good inside?… Whatever your reason is you need to know so that anytime you can’t be bothered going out for a walk or consider ordering Uber Eats remind yourself of why you started in the first place. Writing it down is a great way to help with this (put it on your fridge).

Healthy Smashed Avocado

This is a quick, easy and healthy version of the ‘Smashed Avo’ dish. Replace the typical feta cheese with a low fat cottage cheese; the taste is very similar although it makes for a healthier option (less fat and salt content compared to traditional feta).

Depending on your dietary goals you can add bread to the dish however if you are looking to get the best results serve the smashed avocado with two poached eggs.

This dish will provide you with a great source of good fats and protein and keep you satisfied for longer!

I was thinking last week, over the years I have been asked the same question by friends, family & colleagues. The one thing everyone always wants to know is ” what can I do to lose weight “. Now I’m sure you’re all aware that there is no miracle pill or easy answer that will change your life… It all comes down to changing how you think of your body and your health and just trying to implement permanent positive changes that will help you to stay fit and at a healthy weight.

I did believe this until my boyfriend got me a Fitbit for Christmas…. I have been a fitness fanatic since I was a teenager to I had always done my fair share of research & experimentation when it came to been fit & healthy.  Up until recently, I had not been interested in fitness apps, and they had not had a huge impact on my health & fitness but in the last few years that has all changed.

So I decided I wanted to try out reformer pilates, part of my new found motivation meant I was able to research the best places in Melbourne to take a pilates class. So I did what any other non-informed girl does, and I googled it! Up came a list of endless Pilates Studios, after trolling through I found KAYA, after reading through the website (And many others) I decided to give KAYA a try.

When you’re working towards changing your body! You can end up focusing all your time and energy on how it looks and the more you concentrate on your appearance the more time you spend analysing your so called ‘flaws’ then what would have been a normal trip to the ladies room becomes fraught with fear and trepidation as you consider the thought that you’ll be walking past….dun dun dun… a wall of mirrors! Agh windows, shops, or even the freezer door the supermarket become terrifying objects that distort your image and create feelings of disgust and self-loathing. But we ALL seem to do this we are always looking at ourselves. Why are we obsessed with our self-image?

That is the age that we live in, where physical appearance or a judgement of one’s physical appearance is the cause of an underlying anxiety for a lot of people. So why when we are so fragile do we constantly look for faults in our body shape and apperance? These bodies that serve us so well and allow us to acheive so much!


BY 5 November 2015 Eating

Willpower – why should we be talking about it?

Ever wonder why in the morning you seem to have all the willpower in the world but at night you

end up binging on those Chocolate biscuits you denied yourself all day?

Don’t worry there is a logical explanation for this. Our willpower “muscle” has failed. Yes, you heard me right you can run out of the will power you thought you had somuch of earlier in the day… So how do we not over use this muscle to ensure we keep our willpower spare for when we need it most?

It’s a Melbourne winters day 12 degrees and overcast. Since moving to Melbourne 4 months ago from sunny Perth, I have found that as your surrounding change so do you habits. In warm weather, motivation is at an all-time high & I find it easier to be active and therefore it is simpler to live a healthy lifestyle.

In winter we are always fighting the temptation to sit in front of the TV with a doona & eat warm comfort food. So how can you stay motivated and keep exercising even when it’s cold outside?

There are a few strategies that work very well for me:

  1. Fashion – I love workout style and a new piece of clothing or shoes or whole wardrobe ! can have  amazing effects on your motivation
  2. Things are always easier when you have someone else to do them with – team up – book weekly catch up with a friend & workout  together instead of going to dinner
  3. Embrace new forms of exercise for the season in winter going to the beach is the last thing on your mind so investigate “winter training” indoor activities are a place to start – Group fitness at your Gym, Yoga or Pilates or even joining a team – Accountability is a huge motivator.
I’d love to hear all of your strategies please leave your comments below!

Tab x